Saturday, March 21, 2009

Story Trouble

Over the past week I've been working very hard to get the first episode ready, but it hasn't been working. It just doesn’t feel right. The story is boring, its complicated, and pushes you away more than it pulls you in. So I've watched it over a couple of times taking notes on what I don't like, what isn't clear, and how I can fix it. I think I've got a fairly good idea of where I need to go with this now.

The original version has a 1 minute long introduction, recapping Star Wars history and foreshadowing the main theme of the series (A hero falling from grace). This intro simply doesn't work. So I will be replacing this introduction with another intro that makes the episode's story clear (and hopefully simple).

But I don't want to trash the all the hard work I've already done on the original introduction. So I will be uploading that intro to the internet soon. It will act almost as a trailer for the series.

Look for it this Sunday.

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